Yamaha Used G29-E
NZ $5,995.00

Yamaha Used G29-E "The Drive" 48volt Electric Golf Car

2009 Yamaha "The Drive" 48volt Golf Car - white

These cart is in very good condition with the panels and tyres all good. Batteries are three to four years old and are in good condition and have tested well.

Brand new batteries warranted for 4 years are available for purchase.
There are a number of carts in various conditions so please contact us to inspect. 

Carts come with the latest Delta Q battery charger.

Standard features of "The Drive"

* New Hitachi 48-volt high-efficiency motor
* The largest, most comfortable seat in the industry
* New Yamaha made Solid State microprocessor motor controller
* New HybriCore Chassis: 20% lighter, 2.5 times stronger, 100% greaseless
* New EnduraDrive Transaxle with internal disc brake technology: no maintenance
* New ClimaGuard Suntop with dual gutters
* 6 Trojen T875 batteries in good but original condition.

* ProFill one point battery watering system. Handpump is available for purchase.

To check out "The Drive" electric golfcar specifications please click here

Contact me for actual pictures of the cars as they become available.


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