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Yamaha "The Drive" 4 Passenger Golf Car

We've taken a standard Yamaha G29-E "The Drive" golf car and added a deluxe Yamaha rear facing seat and extended roof to give you a surperb looking 4 passenger vehicle. These vehicles are perfect for moving your guests around the resort or homestead.

A completely redesigned golf car from the frame up. This golf car features:

* New Hitachi 48-volt high-efficiency motor
* The largest, most comfortable seat in the industry
* New Yamaha made Solid State microprocessor motor controller
* 6 Trojan T-875 8 Volt Batteries, 4 year warranty
* New HybriCore Chassis: 20% lighter, 2.5 times stronger, 100% greasless
* New EnduraDrive Transaxle with internal disc brake technology: no         

Added accessories include - deluxe head and tail lights, Yamaha rear facing seat and extended roof. Also a GT steering wheel.

Other colour options are available, Glacier White, Garnet Red, Emerald Green, Metallic Sandstone, Metallic Cobalt Blue and Metallic Anthracite.

Please contact us direct for pricing and more information.


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